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Common Swifts.
Site started on 26-12-2002.
Last update; 04-02-2021.

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This website is the result of 9 years research of Common Swifts.

In 1999 we started with our attempts to create, with the help of wooden Losser and inside observation boxes on and in our house, a Common Swift colony.
In the begin of 2008 we have sold our house, trough with it’s imposable for us to follow further details nearly in the colony.

In consultation with the new owner is promised us, the observation nest boxes be stayed, so that the Common Swifts still could brood here.

Now we’re looking back at this 9 years, we can concluded , our question, is it possible to create a Common Swift colony at a place that’s new for them, is answer amply positive.

We think Common Swifts prefer inside nest boxes in walls, as alternative for natural places.
The problem of, through renovation and still not accessible newly- build houses lost breeding places, could be solve trough change building license, so that inside breeding grounds will make obligatory for new build objects.

Common Swifts (Apus apus) be found, distribution about whole West-Europe, in such many numbers, so that we shouldn’t be scared that he, because he loses his breeding places, become extinct. More important is the question, how long we can enjoy, at nice summer evenings, groups of screaming Common Swifts.

We shall miss the close contact that we had, for nine years long, with the Common Swifts. But, in summer, if we see groups of Common Swifts who do their screaming flights, we shall feel it as a privilege; we have collected so much know-how and information’s about this special bird.

Because of continued this website, we wanted that trough us collected information, stays accessible for everyone.

We wish you much reading pleasure and success to find your wanted information.

                             Henk en Gonja Haans.

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