Diary and Logbooks Eilenbergcolony

During 9 years of exploration in the Eilenbergcolony, all the acquired results are recorded by diaries and logbooks.

The diaries are made during the breeding season and published, so that every one, who is interested, can follow the ups and downs and what happened in the colony.

The logbooks are developed by the detect system with the nest boxes 9, 10 and 14 are equipped.
There is one logbook of nest box 9 and there are 5 logbooks of nest box 10. These logbooks are unique and never before there are, with the help of electronics, such a specified report of biological information of Common Swifts, recorded.
In these logbooks, there is made a total registration from the arrive of the first Common Swift, until the leaving of the last Common Swift.

From the most recent logbooks, from the last 3 years, the diary and the logbooks are summarized. The colony was expended so much, there was more and more to tell about what happened in the colony.

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Diary/Logbook 2007 Diary/Logbook 2006 Diary/Logbook 2005


To go with the first 3 logbooks is added, at most of the days, also a reduce report to get more insight about what happened in the colony.

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Logbook 2004 Logbook 2003 Logbook 2002

The combination of exact information, about when Common Swifts come in and out their nest boxes (Logbooks), with our own observations ( Diaries), gives a real image about the ups and downs in an Common Swift colony.

Still the enormous quantity of informationís must be analysed to come to well founded pronouncements about the way of living of Common Swifts. The willingness to help every one, who wants to go for it, to support with put at oneís disposal of information.