The alongside represented feeding ball has been founded in observation box 11 by checked nest box at August 21 2006 in the Eilenbergcolony.

André van Eck has terminated all, still recognizable, insects and it gets the next list.

André, many thanks again for all the work you did for me.

Total number of determinate specimens: 239
Number of ordo: 8
Number of family (minimal): 20
  Diptera (flies en mosquitos)
1 Chironomidae (lake flies)
1 Nematocera spec (mosquitos spec)
1 Phoridae (scuttle fly)
1 Chloropidae (frit flies or grass flies)
2 Opomyzidae (grass flies) Opomyza germinationis 1 m; Geomyza tripunctata: 1 ww)
6 Acalyptratae spec
1 Diptera spec
  Determination Opomyzidae by Jan Willem van Zuijlen; booth sorts are general in the Netherlands.
  Hymenoptera (bees, ants and wasps)
 1 Symphyta adult spec (Sawflies)
 18 Formicidae (ants)
1 Braconidae (parasitoid wasps)
1 Pteromalidae (parasitic wasps)
1 Proctotrupidae (parasitic wasps)
2 Cynipoidea (gall wasps)
  Explanation: the ants are all winged.
  Ephemeroptera (dayfly)
90 Ephemeroptera spec (dayfly)
  Homoptera (Auchenorrhyncha: cicadas off true bugs)
5 Cicadellidae spec
92 Delphacidae (Spurcicades)
  Heteroptera (true bugs)
2 Miridae
2 Heteroptera spec (true bugs)
  Lepidoptera (butterflies)
1 Lepidoptera spec (“moths spec”)
  Coleoptera (Beetles)
1 Nitidulidae (sap beetles: Meligethes spec)
7 Staphilinidae (rove Beetles: Tachyporinae)
1 Carabidae (ground beetles: Bembidion quadrimaculatum)
  Meligethes and Bembidion determinate by Paul van Wielink.
  Acari (mites)
1 Oribatida (mossmites)
  Explanation: this one should be sticks to the pellet by accident. Doesn’t belong, for so far knowing, until air plankton.